[squid-users] help to disconnect users after determinated time. TTL

FUSTE Emmanuel emmanuel.fuste at thalesgroup.com
Tue Aug 13 15:09:20 UTC 2019

Le 13/08/2019 à 16:44, jmperrote a écrit :
> Hello, we have a squid reverse proxy, and use the param "auth_param 
> basic credentialsttl 10 minutes" to disconnect users that are inactive 
> for a time, but this NOT work, because later a users validated on a 
> reverse proxy can continue navigating on a reverse proxy even of later 
> 10 minutes of inactivity.
It is not how things works.
You could not achieve what you want with basic auth.
The TTL is the TTL of the cache between the source of authentication 
(file/ldap/sql etc ...) and Squid.
The client authenticate itself on your back at each request because it 
cache auth material. There is no notion of "disconnection" from the 
server side. It could only be a client side policy if implemented in the 


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