[squid-users] help to disconnect users after determinated time. TTL

jmperrote jmperrote at policia.rionegro.gov.ar
Tue Aug 13 14:44:08 UTC 2019

Hello, we have a squid reverse proxy, and use the param "auth_param 
basic credentialsttl 10 minutes" to disconnect users that are inactive 
for a time, but this NOT work, because later a users validated on a 
reverse proxy can continue navigating on a reverse proxy even of later 
10 minutes of inactivity.

And the users can continue navigating day to day and not need to 
revalidated if the browser is not closed.

Watching the Cache Manager menu --> Active Cached Usernames --> Check 
TTL, the check TTL is decrecing but when arrive to 0 is continue 
decrecing with - minus values. We observe that when user refresh the 
browser the Check TTL go to the value of credentialsttl setting (in 
seconds) and start to decrecing.


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