[squid-users] Dansguardian Squid and HTTPS

FredB fredbmail at free.fr
Thu Nov 12 08:54:41 UTC 2015

This is not the right place to speak about DansGuardian

> OK, but in squid log i saw only the IP of listen
> dansguardian

Take a look at forwarder = on (dg) and forwarder_for on (squid)

> First, there is a way to dansguardian pass username to
> squid ? Second, in sites https

If I understand right Squid does the authentication, with AD, so there is something wrong with your log format 

> in squid log, i recive error 407 denied

So dropped by Squid, you should post your squid.conf 

FI: DG is really obsolete now 


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