[squid-users] Dansguardian Squid and HTTPS

Bruno de Oliveira Bastos kidboy at brturbo.com.br
Wed Nov 11 21:24:19 UTC 2015

Hi, i have a server auth by group in Active Directory, the dansguardian recive every connection in HTTP and HTTPS, and after analyze its sent request to squid. In log of dansguardian i saw the username OK, but in squid log i saw only the IP of listen dansguardian. First, there is a way to dansguardian pass username to squid ? Second, in sites https i have a problem, i recive access denied, but in dansguardian i have the exceptionlist configured, but in squid log, i recive error 407 denied, only if i explicity a freesitelist in squid its work fine. Someone know how to solve this ?
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