[squid-users] 3.5 cache and “only-if-cached” directive was specified.

Tory M Blue tmblue at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 20:22:04 UTC 2015

Wondering why I'm getting this error, what config param am I missing?

I have 1 parent, 2 squid servers configured as siblings for each other

http_port 80 accel vhost

cache_peer apps-preprod.domain.net parent 80 0 no-digest no-query
originserver no-netdb-exchange

cache_peer cache01.pp.sv.domain.net sibling 80 3130 no-digest

I can't have this error bubble up, regardless of what a client/browser is
looking for. I need to be able to check the sibling and go to the parent if
neither has it..


The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL:

*Valid document was not found in the cache and “only-if-cached” directive
was specified.*

You have issued a request with a “only-if-cached” cache control directive.
The document was not found in the cache, *or* it required revalidation
prohibited by the “only-if-cached” directive.


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