[squid-users] compile squid with tumbleweed

L A Walsh squid-user at tlinx.org
Sun Apr 4 20:36:49 UTC 2021

On 2021/04/03 22:09, Majed Zouhairy wrote:
> the error is:
> Прокси-сервер отказывается принимать соединения
> translation: the proxy-server is refusing to accept connections..
That most commonly is what I see when squid didn't start, (so it
refuses to accept connections).

Are you sure it started?  Look in the logs for any errors?

I've had problems there where the cert-gen process needed to have
it's database zeroed (among other non-starting issues), so
at boot, squid look liked it ran, but immediately exited when
one of its helpers kept dying...

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