[squid-users] compile squid with tumbleweed

L A Walsh squid-user at tlinx.org
Mon Apr 5 08:55:22 UTC 2021

On 2021/04/04 20:07, Majed Zouhairy wrote:
> you are right, it's not running..
>  >cert-gen process needed to have
> it's database zeroed
> how to do that?
	Well that was *my* issue of why it wasn't running -- I
had to explore the logs and try to run the demon interactively
to direct its error messages to the console -- I had to lookup
how to do that in the man pages, and the products "--help" switch
among other things.  

At this point you just know it isn't running, but you don't know
its the same problem as I had -- if it is, the error message 
that tells you that such is the problem also tells you "how to do that"
(i.e. how to fix it).  But first you need to look into why it is

BTW, please 'Cc' the list so someone else who might better know
about a problem like yours can chime in.  I only related a similar
failure case causing a symptom like that -- but there are lots
of ways to not have squid launch right.

Try building squid from the suse rpm, if you haven't already -- then 
you can try adding in a specific squid-tar-version that can better 
suit you than the suse version, if that's your intent...

Squid is of moderate difficulty to build -- be sure you can do so from
suse's source rpm's, as they'll work for your system, then change things
starting from there...

> 4.04.21 23:36, L A Walsh пишет:
>> On 2021/04/03 22:09, Majed Zouhairy wrote:
>>> the error is:
>>> Прокси-сервер отказывается принимать соединения
>>> translation: the proxy-server is refusing to accept connections..
>> That most commonly is what I see when squid didn't start, (so it
>> refuses to accept connections).
>> Are you sure it started?  Look in the logs for any errors?
>> I've had problems there where the cert-gen process needed to have
>> it's database zeroed (among other non-starting issues), so
>> at boot, squid look liked it ran, but immediately exited when
>> one of its helpers kept dying...

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