[squid-users] How to select parent proxy based on user password

Eliezer Croitor ngtech1ltd at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 08:37:44 UTC 2020


You can use a customized password helper.
I am not sure if it is possible but you might be able to add “note” with your helper which will do just that.
With the username alone you cannot do what you want.
You might be able to use the same username but with a different realm but I am not sure
if squid has native support for multiple realms.

Maybe someone else might know if it is possible to write a auth helper which can add note for an authentication session.


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Subject: [squid-users] How to select parent proxy based on user password

I know you can map a username to a parent proxy (i.e. cache_peer) using and acl directive, e.g.

acl parent_proxy_testuser_1 proxy_auth testuser1 

cache_peer <IP> parent <port> 0 proxy-only
cache_peer_access parent1 allow parent_proxy_testuser_1
cache_peer_access parent1 deny !parent_proxy_testuser_1
But how can you map the user password to a parent proxy?
E.g, so that
testuser1:qvmgPUJ5xW-121 at
testuser1:qvmgPUJ5xW-122 at
testuser1:qvmgPUJ5xW-123 at
map to a different parent proxy?

I know that the external_acl_type directive allows you to create a custom ACL helper, but it does not accept a user password parameter.

Any help appreciated.

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