[squid-users] How to select parent proxy based on user password

Ajb B ajb23 at ymail.com
Tue Sep 22 20:35:36 UTC 2020

I know you can map a username to a parent proxy (i.e. cache_peer) using and acl directive, e.g.

acl parent_proxy_testuser_1 proxy_auth testuser1
cache_peer <IP> parent <port> 0 proxy-only
cache_peer_access parent1 allow parent_proxy_testuser_1
cache_peer_access parent1 deny !parent_proxy_testuser_1

But how can you map the user password to a parent proxy?

E.g, so that

testuser1:qvmgPUJ5xW-121 at
testuser1:qvmgPUJ5xW-122 at
testuser1:qvmgPUJ5xW-123 at
map to a different parent proxy?
I know that the external_acl_type directive allows you to create a custom ACL helper, but it does not accept a user password parameter.
Any help appreciated.
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