[squid-users] squid 4/5 feature request send login informations to peers

David Touzeau david at articatech.com
Tue Nov 17 08:27:09 UTC 2020


We a first Squid using Kerberos + Active Directory authentication.
This first squid is used to limit access using ACls and Active Directory 

This first squid using parents as peer in order to access to internet in 
this way:

                              | --------> SQUID B ----------> Internet 1
squid A ------------->
                              | ---------> SQUID C ---------> Internet 2

1) We want using ACLs too ( for delegation purpose ) on Squid B and C
2) For legal logs purpose compliance.

In this case,  the username discovered in SQUIDA must be transmitted to 
SQUID B AND C and SQUID B-C must accept the information in order to use 
as login information to parse acls

Is it possible ?

If not: wee have seen that the Proxy protocol accept to transmit the 
source IP/login information to peers that are compliance with proxy 
but the peers method in squid did not allow to use Proxy protocol.
Is it possible to add the "Proxy Protocol" support in peers method ?

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