[squid-users] Squid4/5: Feature request identify access rules.

David Touzeau david at articatech.com
Sat Nov 7 19:08:56 UTC 2020

When having several *_access http_access,reply_access...
In a stressed environment, it is difficult to hunt an issue or a wrong rule.

The debug mode is impossible because the proxy in production mode write too many logs..

But if we can identify the rule and add pointer to the log, it is possible to see a wrong rule or to see that a request is correctly passed trough.

Currently we have to do

acl acl1 src
http_access deny acl1

We suggest using the same token used in http_port:

acl acl1 src
http_access deny acl1 rulename=Rule.access1

And add a token for template eg %RULENAME and a token for logformat %rname that helps to identify the token.

Added in bugtrack


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