[squid-users] Using ICAP adaptation with dynamic routing

roie rachamim roierachamim at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 11:46:18 UTC 2020


In my setup i'm using two adaptation chains for requests and for responses:

I'm using REQ_ICAP1 with routing=1 to be able to change the routing
The default flow is REQ_ICAP1->REQ_ICAP2->RESP_ICAP1->RESP_ICAP2

using the dynamic routing i'm able to skip REQ_ICAP2 (by setting
X-Next-Services to 'RESP_ICAP1, RESP_ICAP2')
I'm also able to skip RESP_ICAP1 (by setting X-Next-Services to RESP_ICAP2')
What i didn't manage to do is to stop adaption completely by returning an
empty value for X-Next-Services

According to the documentation: "An empty X-Next-Services value results in
an empty plan which ends the current adaptation."

So i'm not sure what am i missing. Maybe with empty value it simply skips
to the response chain?
Should i use the adaptations in a different configuration?

Any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks,
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