[squid-users] squid kerberos auth, acl note group

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Sat Jul 25 06:13:05 UTC 2020

On 25/07/20 2:48 am, Klaus Brandl wrote:
> sorry, i did not found this script, and the binary is not available on our 
> product, because i'm no developer...

Darn. Okay that hinders testing a bit.

> But i think, we have a caching problem here, i found out, that the group 
> informations are only updated on a squid reconfigure.
> And also the acl note group ... seems to be cached as long as squid is 
> restarted completely. I removed the configured group from the user, but i could 
> see this group still maching in the cache.log, also after a reconfigure, when 
> the auth_helper does not tell about this group any more.

The groups are attached to credentials which are attached to the TCP
connection (TTL only as long as the connection is open) and a token
replay cache for up to authenticate_ttl directive time (default 1 hour).

Setting that TTL to something very short, eg:

  authenticate_ttl 10 seconds

... and disabling connection keep-alive:

  client_persistent_connections off

... should work around the cache for testing. At least on HTTP traffic.
HTTPS traffic goes through the proxy as a single tunnel request - so the
entire HTTPS session is just one request/response pair to Squid.


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