[squid-users] squid kerberos auth, acl note group

Klaus Brandl klaus_brandl at genua.de
Fri Jul 24 14:48:07 UTC 2020

sorry, i did not found this script, and the binary is not available on our 
product, because i'm no developer...

But i think, we have a caching problem here, i found out, that the group 
informations are only updated on a squid reconfigure.

And also the acl note group ... seems to be cached as long as squid is 
restarted completely. I removed the configured group from the user, but i could 
see this group still maching in the cache.log, also after a reconfigure, when 
the auth_helper does not tell about this group any more.

> Ah. Sorry. I should have checked the protocol sequence, it has been a
> while since last I played with these tokens.
> For Kerberos there should be a test_negotiate_auth.sh script and
> negotiate_kerberos_auth_test binary available for debugging these auth
> details.
> Run the test_negotiate_auth.sh with with your Squid hostname as its
> command line parameter.
> Amos
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