[squid-users] Double method of authentication, possible?

Antonino Gianfranco Sanacori antonino.sanacori at unibs.it
Fri Jul 10 10:48:07 UTC 2020

Thanks Amos.

But if i had another Squid istance on different port  to configure one 
scheme on instance A and one scheme on instance B?

Il 10/07/2020 02:39, Amos Jeffries ha scritto:
> On 9/07/20 9:44 pm, Antonino Gianfranco Sanacori wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I normally use a ldap authentication for my user but i would use the
>> basic authentication for some user.
>> How can i configure squid to support both methods?
> They are not two methods. So no. But yes it is possible.
> -> Basic is the *scheme* in HTTP auth for representing credentials.
> -> LDAP is a protocol API for talking to auth services.
> HTTP supports using multiple *schemes* to authenticate clients.
> Squid supports *one* helper per scheme to authenticate the credentials
> provided using that scheme.
> The helper you configure may *use* multiple backend services with
> different APIs to check those Basic credentials coming from your
> clients. Squid does not provide a helper to check multiple backends for
> Basic scheme, but it is easy to write one of your own based on the
> "fake" helper provided.
> Amos
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