[squid-users] assertion failed: Controller.cc:838: "!transients || e.hasTransients()"

Antonio SJ Musumeci trapexit at spawn.link
Tue Oct 22 19:24:53 UTC 2019

Squid 4.8

Attempting to get a SMP setup with rock enabled. Instance points to an 
origin web server.

With "workers 1" everything appears to work fine. If I set "workers 2" I 
get a number of issues:

If I request a particular object a kid will fail with:

assertion failed: Controller.cc:838: "!transients || e.hasTransients()"

Pulling other objects sometimes works but speeds continuously decline to 
the point of being unusable. I'm not seeing any consistency between what 
objects cause what issues and any acls or refresh patterns.

Is there a simple, modern, functional SMP example to compare? Does that 
assert stand out? Didn't find anything on search engines.

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