[squid-users] SIGBUS attempting to use rock

Antonio SJ Musumeci trapexit at spawn.link
Thu Oct 17 23:13:02 UTC 2019

On 10/17/2019 5:47 PM, Alex Rousskov wrote:
> Unfortunately, a simple implementation may produce a lot of false
> warnings in some environments while a quality implementation may not be
> as easy as you think: Accessing free space info may require special
> permissions and correctly accounting for the existing shared memory
> segments in that partition would be tricky (they can be leftovers from
> the previous Squid run that will be overwritten or something completely
> unrelated to Squid). Even finding the right partition name in a portable
> way may be tricky!
> IMHO, the future development directions outlined when adding
> shared_memory_locking are more promising in general, but I would be
> happy to learn that there are even better options.

Clearly Squid is aware of the path where these temp files are being 
created and can simply statvfs the base path can it not? If it's 
creating new files in /dev/shm it can statvfs and compare the available 
space to what it intends to create and in the least warn.

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