[squid-users] redirect based on url (302)

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Mon Sep 24 09:30:39 UTC 2018

On 24/09/18 6:38 PM, uppsalanet wrote:
> Hi Amos,
> Today I have a conf like this:
> ....
> acl *LIB_domains* dstdomain .almedalsbiblioteket.se .alvin-portal.org
> .bibliotekuppsala.se
> http_access allow *LIB_domains*
> ....
> Now I also need to open for *.browzine.com*. The problem with
> *.browzine.com* is that it is a portal with many links to other sites. So I
> basically need to open up and maintain 400 sites in a squid ACL.
> I would like to take another approach then (but I don't know if it's
> possible):
> I know that browzine.com will reply 302 when trying to access a link on
> their site. *So I would like to accept all redirect (302) sites from
> browzine.com*. 

Aha, that is clearer. Thank you.

I think you can possibly achieve this, but *only* because of those 302
existing. If the site were just a collection of links it would be very
much more difficult.

What I am thinking of is to use a custom external ACL script that
creates a temporary browsing session for a client when the 302 arrives
then the SQL session helper to allow matching traffic through for the
followup request from that client.

You will need a database with a table created like this:

 CREATE TABLE sessions (

You need to write a script which receives an IP and a URL from Squid,
extracts the domain name from the URL, then adds a string "$ip $domain"
to that table as the id column, then returns the "OK" result to Squid.

The page at
<http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v4/manuals/ext_sql_session_acl.html> has
details of the SQL session helper that uses that table to check for
whitelisted domains.

Your config would look like:

 acl 302 http_status 302
 acl browzine dstdomain .browzine.com

 external_acl_type whitelist_add %SRC %{Location} \

 acl add_to_whitelist external whitelist_add

 http_reply_access allow browzine 302 add_to_whitelist
 http_reply_access allow all

 external_acl_type whitelist ttl=60 %SRC %DST \
   /usr/lib/squid/ext_session_db_acl \
   --dsn ... --user ... --password ... \
   --table sessions --cond ""

 acl whitelisted external whitelist
 http_access allow whitelisted

To have sessions expire simply remove them from the database table.
Squid will start rejecting traffic there within 60 seconds of the removal.


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