[squid-users] redirect based on url (302)

uppsalanet fredrik at pipemore.se
Mon Sep 24 06:38:39 UTC 2018

Hi Amos,
Today I have a conf like this:
acl *LIB_domains* dstdomain .almedalsbiblioteket.se .alvin-portal.org
http_access allow *LIB_domains*

Now I also need to open for *.browzine.com*. The problem with
*.browzine.com* is that it is a portal with many links to other sites. So I
basically need to open up and maintain 400 sites in a squid ACL.

I would like to take another approach then (but I don't know if it's
I know that browzine.com will reply 302 when trying to access a link on
their site. *So I would like to accept all redirect (302) sites from

Hope that clarify and thanks in advance

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