[squid-users] can squid use dns server on random port(non-53)?

Benjamin E. Nichols webmaster at squidblacklist.org
Wed Jun 27 21:28:53 UTC 2018

This is actually standard practice, it is very easy and common for 
administrators to configure their firewalls to redirect all 53 tcp/udp 
requests to a specific host to prevent those people and/or malicious 
applications which may be smart enough to change their dns server 
settings in an attempt to bypass a dns based filtering solution.

A solution to your problem would seem obvious to some but, I think that 
you may consider redirecting all requests to udp/tcp 53 from the host 
running Squid to your intended destination port using firewall 
rules.ssentially, you use a firewall to forward requests destined for 
port 53 to whatever port you want. ( yes  you can do this without 
forwarding to a specific host )

I hope that helps.


Benjamin E. Nichols
Founder & Chief Architect

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