[squid-users] quiet week

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Mon Jun 4 07:51:54 UTC 2018


Indeed it has been quiet in the list but I believe it's also due to a milestone for the project.
The current 3.5.27 code proves to be pretty mature and my repo is pretty busy due to this.
I noticed that Ubuntu 18.04 has 3.5.27 in it so it's something that cannot be ignored at all.

I do not have too much free time but I am waiting for 4.X since most of the industry already have it's features.
I noticed something interesting about the choice between CentOS to Ubuntu:
CentOS is trying mainly to stabilize things in a very nice way while Ubuntu is stable but active on specific things.

I like them both but they fit for different purposes.
I am not sure but to me it seems that Squid-Cache cycle of development and CentOS are not 100% on the same roadmap as Debian and Ubuntu.

And an update... I have a fleet of Squid's up and running 3.5.27 under heavy duty as a WAF solution.
SNI is missing for the reverse proxy setup's but the clients and the admins do not whistle so it's good..
And for greedy cache admins that want's to try their luck converting the next setup into squid.conf here something nice:

I didn't reviewed every part of the above setup but it seems to me that it deserves to be mentioned in this list.
Hmm what else?
Hoo and and there are couple commercial products that uses Squid-Cache in ways I never imagined.
I mean, they could have taken a developer to write for them a full solution(it's easy) but they choose Squid-Cache since they feel it's a solid ground.

Amos, am I right about the roadmap of Squid-Cache to be much closer to Debian and Ubuntu compared to CentOS?


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Hi anyone,
 just testing to see if the list server is still operational. Things
have been suspiciously quiet this week.

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