[squid-users] Frequent ANY_OLD_PARENT in access log

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Fri Jan 26 17:22:32 UTC 2018

On 01/26/2018 02:48 AM, Veiko Kukk wrote:
> What does ANY_OLD_PARENT mean?

ANY_OLD_PARENT (former ANY_PARENT?) means that Squid used the first
considered-alive parent it could reach. Squid does that when none of the
specific parent cache selection algorithms (e.g., userhash or carp) were
enabled, all enabled algorithms failed to find a suitable parent, or all
suitable parents found by those algorithms failed when Squid tried to
forward the request to them.

This hierarchy code is now documented at

If you find problems with the above description or can improve it,
please edit the above wiki page.

Thank you,


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