[squid-users] TCP out of memory

Vieri rentorbuy at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 7 22:13:33 UTC 2018

From: Amos Jeffries <squid3 at treenet.co.nz>

>> The open sockets to keep increasing steadily even on high network usage, but they do not decrease when there's
>> little or no traffic.>> So, day after day the overall number keeps growing until I have to restart squid once or twice a week.
>> In other words, this value keeps growing:
>> Largest file desc currently in use:   xxxx
>> This other value can decrease at times, but in the long run it keeps growing too:
>> Number of file desc currently in use: xxxx
> Ah. What does the cachemgr "filedescriptors" report show when there are 
> a lot starting to accumulate?
> And, are you able to get a cache.log trace with "debug_options 93,6" ?

Here's my cache.log:


squidclient's filedescriptors:


The info page:


The open fds are at around 7k, but they can easily reach 12k or 13k. That's when I start running into trouble.


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