[squid-users] Whitelisting youtube

Wolfgang Paul Rauchholz wp.rauchholz at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 09:18:27 UTC 2018

Problem staqtement: can't whitelist youtube.com

I run squid 3.5 and squiguard on a CENTOS 7 home linux server.
The blacklist database is created by a publicly available script called
getlists.sh. This script downloads and compiles blacklists  from several
sites (e.g. squidguard website)
To whitelist youtube which is blocked too,  I created the directory 'white'
within 'blacklist'. The squidguard config looks like this:

dest white {
        domainlist      white/domains
        urllist         white/urls

acl {
        default {
                pass    white !adv !porn !warez all
                redirect http://localhost/block.html

the domaon file withi nwhite has these entries:

The entry I find in access.lof file reads like this:
1545988674.026      0 TAG_NONE/503 0 CONNECT www.youtube.com:443

I still cannot unblock youtube.
I'd appreciate your help in resolving this.

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