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Re network diagram - Mish Mash / blended / spaghetti  I think :p

Squid is installed on the Ubuntu virtual machine. Sorry forgot to draw that on.

The phone connects to mobile internet when out of the house, then reverts back to going via squid proxy when my laptop wifi is turned on. The phone detects my laptop and connects accordingly. The phone reconfigures to go via proxy when it connects to my laptop.

As for the TV - yeah my laptop needs to be in the house for that to work.

Internet Use - I'm happy to record websites called by 'user' so for example:
Laptop user=user3
Then each family member with their own user id /password.
I've configured this bit already

I have set my home internet router to only allocate my laptop mac a DHCP address....

I'll draw a better diagram later today. 
I may have gone a bit overboard with the control and monitoring :s


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On Wednesday 19 December 2018 at 13:22:57, Squid users wrote:

> The attached configuration is currently in use on my computer.

It isn't a network diagram; I'm not quite sure what to describe it as, but I don't even see where Squid is on there.

> My aim is to use my laptop while I'm out and about (libraries, work 
> etc) and when I'm at home have my TV and Phone connect into the proxy server.
> This would allow caching by any device to my laptop so I'm minimising 
> my connections outbound.

So, Squid runs on your laptop?

What are the phone and TV supposed to do when the laptop isn't there?

> I also want it to record use by other people so I can monitor my 
> internet use at home.

Define "use".  What level of detail do you want to record?

> As you can see I run bitdefender parental control on my computer. 
> Would it be possible for someone to manipulate the proxy server to bypass this?
> Could the proxy server be used to hide / obscure actual sites visited?

Show us a rather more conventional network diagram, which shows how packets get to & from the Internet, and what filters / firewalls are in place between different bits of equipment, and we might be able to asnwer this.


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