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Antony Stone Antony.Stone at squid.open.source.it
Wed Dec 19 13:19:24 UTC 2018

On Wednesday 19 December 2018 at 13:22:57, Squid users wrote:

> The attached configuration is currently in use on my computer.

It isn't a network diagram; I'm not quite sure what to describe it as, but I 
don't even see where Squid is on there.

> My aim is to use my laptop while I'm out and about (libraries, work etc)
> and when I'm at home have my TV and Phone connect into the proxy server. 
> This would allow caching by any device to my laptop so I'm minimising my
> connections outbound.

So, Squid runs on your laptop?

What are the phone and TV supposed to do when the laptop isn't there?

> I also want it to record use by other people so I can monitor my internet
> use at home.

Define "use".  What level of detail do you want to record?

> As you can see I run bitdefender parental control on my computer. Would it
> be possible for someone to manipulate the proxy server to bypass this?
> Could the proxy server be used to hide / obscure actual sites visited?

Show us a rather more conventional network diagram, which shows how packets 
get to & from the Internet, and what filters / firewalls are in place between 
different bits of equipment, and we might be able to asnwer this.


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