[squid-users] squid disable ipv6 outbound traffic

Dmitri Seletski drjoms at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 21:14:58 UTC 2018

Hello Dear Squidies,


I have,

IPv4 only tunnel for security.

IPv6 enabled ISP.

VM with Squid in it, that works over bridge.(so it has both NAT IPv4 IP 
an IPv6 IP)


When i go to some sites,  Squid instead of pulling traffic over tunnel 
provider, does it over IPv6 enabled ISP of mine, which defeats purpose 
of VPN provider.

So i need to know how to kill IPv4, at least outbound traffic from Squid 
to rest of Internetz pages. (and no, preference to IPv4 DNS is not an 
option, as some pages are not available in IPv4, so i'd rather not see 
them at all)

Thanks in advance!


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