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Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
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My recommendation about YouTube Caching is to use a special server that will store the YouTube videos locally.
I have created such a service which run's in on a Linux box and you can see the details at:

I have not completed every tool that I wanted to publish it with since I need time and funds to make it all work together.

The idea is that squid will allow YouTube every YouTube action such as search and browsing but not YouTube videos playback directly from the Internet.
When a video have not been downloaded yet, the user will receive a notification\splash page that allows him to request a download of the video or will automatically queue the download.
(maybe with username and password protection..)
And in the case that the user will want to get back into the original YouTube page he would be able to access the page but not the video using a special link that will be displayed in the "YouTube video splash page".
In the case that the video exists in the local service\server the user\client would be able to watch the video from the local store web-server.

I am using it here locally with a tiny NAS solution and it works great.

Caching YouTube images should be pretty easy\simple using StoreID.

Let me know if you have interest in such a solution.


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I'm a teacher.
My computer's OS is Windows 7.
Installed SQUID 3.5.27.
We have fifteen computers in our cabinet.
The internet bandwidth is 4mb. We need to cache youtube and fb data of our kids.
The youtube cache needs to be saved for a month, and the facebook to remain for a day.
Our configuration is this small.
Can you do the SQUID options for this (squid.conf file)?

Thank you

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