[squid-users] Is it a good idea to use Linux swap partition/file with rock storage?

duanyao duanyao at ustc.edu
Tue Sep 19 06:25:44 UTC 2017


I notice that squid's rock storage uses large (and fixed) amount of 
shared memory even if it is not accessed. It's estimated as 
110byte/slot, so for a 256GB rock storage with 16KB slot, the memory 
requirement is about 1.7GB, which is quite large.

So my questions are:

1. Is there a way to reduce memory usage of rock storage?

2. On Linux squid puts its shared memory in /dev/shm, which can be 
backed by swap partition/file. Is it a good idea to use swap 
partition/file with rock storage to save some physical memory?

3. For rock storage, are /dev/shm/squid* frequently and randomly 
written? If the Linux swap is on SSD, will this causes 
performance/lifetime issues?


Duan Yao

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