[squid-users] Squid radius Authentication

Pascal Schäfer p.schaefer at creapptive.de
Fri Sep 15 14:31:11 UTC 2017

Dear Amos,

Thank you for your reply!

>> I have a question about the authentication with a radius server.
>> I use Squid as a reverse proxy.
>> It is possible to use two radius server for different pages or
>> subdomains with squid_radius_auth?
> HTTP has no concept of "page" - so for that; no.
> For sub-domains (OR specific URLs); maybe. Because the helper you are
> asking about does not use the key_extras feature provided by latest
> Squid version

Ok. Thank you. Exist another helper who did an authentication with a
radius server?

> You need to write your own helper that does what you want. That could be
> in the form of a wrapper script that starts multiple radius helper with
> the necessary parameters, and uses key_extra parameters to decide which
> one will handle any given auth lookup.

Is this https://wiki.squid-cache.org/Features/AddonHelpers#Authenticator
the right wiki, where I have to lookup?
Make it sense that behind the radius server is a Windows NPS Server to
authenticate the Users?
So when I write the wrapper helper, I only need to decide which helper I
would like to start and with which parameters, like a Bash command?

> Since you are calling it the long obsolete name "squid_radius_auth", you
> probably do not have a current Squid version which supplies the
> key_extras feature. At the very least you will have to upgrade to at
> least Squid-3.5.

I have a Squid-3.5, self compiled.
I think about to upgrade there on Squid-4 or to compile it and install
them fresh on the system. Is the name of them another in the newer versions?

best regards,


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