[squid-users] How to setup squid as reverse proxy to intercept Office365 traffic

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at squid.open.source.it
Thu Sep 7 14:38:40 UTC 2017

On Thursday 07 September 2017 at 16:34:02, SShukla wrote:

> Thanks for replying Antony
> So one requirement for our solution is that, a user in a group using our
> setup would have their traffic always pass through our proxy(Squid proxy +
> ICAP), whether they are in their office on the company network, or at home
> on their own internet, or anywhere else using their mobile data connection.
> This was one of the key reasons we settled on using a reverse proxy.

For me, this still does not compute.

How is a user at home or on a mobile data connection going to find your reverse 

How is this easier than having their equipment configured to use a forwarding 

What is your understanding of the purpose of a reverse proxy?

> In our current deployment, however, we do not have the unique circumstances
> that Office 365 presents.  It’s entirely possible that a forward proxy is
> the ONLY way to accomplish a similar end result in this environment, but if
> a reverse proxy is possible ? , it would be our first choice.

Give me an example - what DNS name would a user connect to, and what would 
that DNS name resolve to, in order to end up on your reverse proxy?


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