[squid-users] clientside_mark

Ikari C nldo.tut.alberto at gmail.com
Sun May 21 14:51:54 UTC 2017

Hi, i'm new in maillist and in Squid configuration, I use Squid 3.5 version
and i read about clientside_mark configuration, but i have a doubt, wich
type of  ACL is compatible with this option. I want to create a MARK by
dstdomain ACL, and use TC configuration to set QOS, it is posible? or only
works with SRC ALC type.

i want to do this in squid.conf:

acl aclname1 dstdomain url1
acl aclname2 dstdomain url2
clientside_mark 0x3 aclname1
clientside_mark 0x4 aclname2

the configuration on squid.conf is the default.

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