[squid-users] On using Parent Proxies

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Wed Feb 8 04:40:55 UTC 2017

On 8/02/2017 12:50 a.m., Jude Karuhanga wrote:
> Hello there,
> Thanks for the reply. There seem to be no errors in the file (there
> are none returned by "squid -k parse"). The service seems to be
> working, especially after I included the external network on the
> ACLs.

Then your Squid needs an upgrade. The config file indicates it is for
3.5.20. But Squid-3 '-k parse' will absolutely complain when obsolete
Squid-2 directives are passed to them. Your config file contains at
least 3 such obsolete directives (no_cache).

It also uses QUERY ACL before defining what QUERY is.

> I was looking for a schematic explanation on how to configure my
> network to effectively distribute traffic. I attach a scheme of the
> setup (one central Server and two Gateways connected to Routers).

Please define "effectively distribute" ?

You asked how to do "load balancing". The URL I referenced already
covers all the ways Squid can load balance. *Which* one is "effective"
depends on what you want to happen.

Your config file shows someone halfway through testing whether a
particular client->squid->proxy->Internet pathway works. Which is fine,
actually a good way to go about the change. One step at a time.

For info on the pieces needed for creating cache hierarchies see the top
two sections of <http://wiki.squid-cache.org/Features/CacheHierarchy>.


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