[squid-users] heart beet between squid peers

salil GK gksalil at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 23:43:23 UTC 2017

Hello Alex

   Thanks for the reply

     what happens is - we provide an interface for the admin to set whether
forward proxy is enabled or not - and also specify which all peers need to
be involved in the squid chaining ( parent child ). If I have say 4
machines - A,B,C and D. Admin can decide machine A and B are the child  and
machine C and D as parents. Both A and B can use C and D as parents - for
load balancing and redundancy.

A -> parent -> C
A -> parent -> D
B -> parent -> C
B -> parent -> D

In the UI interface admin will specify this. When it is done, in the back
end I will create a tunnel and reconfigure squid config file and start
squid. Now in the UI I need to specify whether every thing is perfect and A
and B can talk to C and D seamlessly - or the traffic is perfect or not.
Only if the traffic between squid A and squid C and squid D are perfect, I
should mention that it is ACTIVE. For this I thought if have some mechanism
in both sides to do ping kind of functionality, it would be good.

What I found is squid client can be used for ping to other end. In the A
server I can use tunnel as the ping destination and C server I can directly
ping A. If this is through I guess set the channel as ACTIVE.  another
option is as Eliezer mentioned, I can use simple curl to verify this

Thanks and regards

On 3 February 2017 at 03:26, Alex Rousskov <rousskov at measurement-factory.com
> wrote:

> On 02/01/2017 12:06 AM, salil GK wrote:
> > I need to know whether the connectivity is through from squid
> > child to squid parent.
> ...
> > I need to know in both machines that the squid channel is active.
> ...
> > if the heartbeat is exchanged successfully !!
> It is not clear what you mean by "connectivity is through", "channel is
> active", and "heartbeat is exchanged". You may want to describe what you
> need in higher-level terms specific to your problem domain.
> Please note that Squid peers do not normally exchange HTTP messages
> unless there is a client request to be forwarded. There are various
> optional features (e.g., cache_peer standby=N) that may create peer
> traffic in the absence of requests, but it is not yet clear whether any
> of those features are applicable to your use case.
> If you just want to know whether there is at least one TCP connection
> between two Squid instances, then you can use netstat or a similar tool
> to find all connections to/from relevant addresses (and their state).
> If you want to monitor the current peer state, I believe there is a
> cache manager page for that, but that will only give you information
> about one Squid's opinion, not both.
> Alex.
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