[squid-users] Inquiry

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Wed Nov 23 13:28:08 UTC 2016

On 24/11/2016 2:16 a.m., Matheus Kazinda wrote:
> Greetings my gurus, am a learner here, please bare with me,  I am
> inquiring,  is it possible to use squid as a proxy in this setting below, I
> have an opensuse box running opensuse 42.1 and it connects to Internet
> through a USB modem via telephone networks on 3G,  this is done using
> network manager and not wicked.  Then I also have windows a few  client
> machines which I need to connect to the Internet through the opensuse box
> where my sweet squid sits through the LAN.  is my setting here possible?
> Please advise. Mathias

The relevant question is whether UDP and TCP work. If so then Squid should.


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