[squid-users] DNS lookup fails initially for FQDN in squid

Aashima Madaan amadaan at ncsu.edu
Fri May 27 14:12:47 UTC 2016


In my squid configuration file, I am adding a Fully Qualified Domain Name
instead of an IP address for my ICAP server but it is not able to resolve
that name initially and the service goes down saying

essential ICAP service is down after an options fetch failure: icap://
short.domain.name:4321 [down,!opt]

It remains shut down for 3 minutes and then the icap service is up after
that much time. My concern is why there is so much delay in resolving fqdn
of an ip.

Plus, adding that IP with FQDN in my /etc/hosts file resolves the name
immediately on starting the service. But I dont want to do that since that
should not be required thing if know DNS entry for that particular IP works
through ping or nslookup or directly accessing that gateway console admin
from browser with fqdn.


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