[squid-users] Looking for a way to route into cache_peer traffic dynamically.

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Thu May 26 09:52:56 UTC 2016

I have couple ideas on how to route traffic in a cache hierarchy using an
external_acl helper and a "tag" but I was wondering about other options.
Since currently to my understanding an ICAP service cannot add a "tag" to a
request, then I cannot use an ICAP service+tag in order to "delegate" the
routing decision to the ICAP service.
But I am not sure what are the options and also if it is possible to achieve
this goal at all.
The scenario is:
-	Multiple incoming proxy http requests: CONNECT, GET, POST, OTHERS
-	Multiple Upsteam http proxies, some are for caching
-	I want to delegate the LB decision based on the proxy arrays overall
status ie CPU LOAD, Free RAM, OPENED FD and couple others.

I have looked at the headers acls at:
	acl aclname req_header header-name [-i] any\.regex\.here
	  # regex match against any of the known request headers.  May be
	  # thought of as a superset of "browser", "referer" and "mime-type"
	  # ACL [fast]

And I am not sure(do not remember the runtime checks order) what I can
expect from squid to do when I am adding headers to the request,
will the acls be revalidated after the ICAP service modification\response?
I think that the best way is to use an ICAP meta header instead of altering
the request itself but I am not sure if it is possible and if with what


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