[squid-users] Linking with *SSL

Pavel Timofeev timp87 at gmail.com
Wed May 11 05:35:38 UTC 2016

When we worked on squid port on FreeBSD one of the FreeBSD user
(Bernard Spil) noticed:

When working on this, I ran into another issue. Perhaps maintainer can
fix that with upstream. I've now added LIBOPENSSL_LIBS="-lcrypto
-lssl" because of configure failing in configure.ac line 1348.

> AC_CHECK_LIB(ssl,[SSL_library_init],[LIBOPENSSL_LIBS="-lssl $LIBOPENSSL_LIBS"],[AC_MSG_ERROR([library 'ssl' is required for OpenSSL])

You cannot link against libssl when not linking libcrypto as well
leading to an error with LibreSSL. This check should add -lcrypto in
addition to -lssl to pass.

Is this something someone could take a look at?

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