[squid-users] Unable to increase max_filedescr

Baird, Josh jbaird at follett.com
Wed Jun 22 00:52:08 UTC 2016

Replying to myself, but it appears that this package was compiled using '--max-fd=16384'.

Is there anyway, other than re-compiling and building new packages, to increase beyond this?


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I'm running 2.6STABLE (yes, I know it's ancient) and I'm unable to increase max_filedescr beyond 16384.

# grep max_file /etc/squid/squid.conf
max_filedesc    32768

# ulimit -n

# squidclient -p 80 mgr:info | grep 'Maximum number'
        Maximum number of file descriptors:   16384

I have restarted squid, re-logged back in, etc.  I'm able to modify it to be anything less than 16384.  Any idea what is preventing me from scaling beyond 16384?  This is RHEL5.


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