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Yuri Voinov yvoinov at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 09:12:17 UTC 2016

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07.06.2016 5:13, Amos Jeffries пишет:
> On 7/06/2016 6:20 a.m., Yuri Voinov wrote:
>> By the way, we have another problem. Caching is greatly reduced by the
>> presence of User-Agent header Vary. Although I know that Amos says - he
>> says, we should break the Internet and cached separately all types of
>> user agents.
> Please do not put your own beliefs into my mouth. I am very much in
Sorry, Amos. This was sarcasm. May be, not too relevant.
> favour of denying Vary:User-Agent from being cached *at all* until the
> UA start sending sensible contents in the header. That would lower your
> precious HIT ratio a tiny amount.
Maybe. However, this greatly increases the content duplication. Аgree?
> BTW: Do you know what "breaking the Internet" actually means? It's a bit
> ironic that you would throw that insult at me while praising what these
> patches currently do.
:) Really sorry.

Sometimes our experiments scratching the hell out of the display content
in browsers. That's what I called "break the Internet". :) But
seriously, we're trying to find a compromise between a high cache and
the desire to satisfy customers. It seems to me, mutually exclusive things.

Meanwhile, Amos, I still believe that the team should now, in 2016, to
seriously reconsider attitude to compress the content and possibly
revise Vary processing algorithms in favor of more vysokgo cache hit
ratio. Under the conditions of high-speed Internet only a high hit ratio
justifies the use of caching proxy.
> Amos
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