[squid-users] Squid high memory usage

Marcus Kool marcus.kool at urlfilterdb.com
Mon Jun 6 09:57:06 UTC 2016

On 06/06/2016 04:27 AM, FredB wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to use a server with 64 Go of ram, but I'm faced with a problem, squid can't works with more than 50% of memory

What is cache_mem ?
See also http://wiki.squid-cache.org/SquidFaq/SquidMemory

> After that the swap is totally full and kswap process gone mad ...
> I tried with vm.swappiness = 0 but same problem, perhaps a little better, I also tried memory_pool off without any change.

I recommend vm.swappiness = 5 to have 5% of the memory be used for the file system cache and maintain good disk I/O.

> As you can see in this picture linux are using 22 Go of cached memory
> http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/22/1464965449-capture-squid.png

The values are too high (1024 times).  I think that you incorrectly set cache_mem.
Start with setting  cache_mem to 16 GB


> I'm using two caches (133 G each)with a dedicated sata (15 k) disk for each cache
> Any advice will be very appreciate
> OS Debian Jessie 64 bits and squid 3.5.19
> Fred
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