[squid-users] Establishing secure conection problems (Chrome)

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at squid.open.source.it
Thu Jun 2 14:45:38 UTC 2016

On Thursday 02 June 2016 at 15:35:10, William Ivanski wrote:

> Thank you for your quick response.
> First of all forgive me for the lack of information in the first
> email. I've tried to disable QUIC a few minutes ago and the problem
> persists. Follow the information requested:
> -> Compilation:
> I've installed squid using the following commands:
>     cd /usr/src
>     apt-get install squid3

So, that will install a working copy of Squid, and then...

>     wget
> http://www.squid-cache.org/Versions/v3/3.5/squid-3.5.15-20160330-r14015.ta
> r.gz
>     tar xvzf squid-3.5.15-20160330-r14015.tar.gz
>     cd squid-3.5.15-20160330-r14015

...you download the latest source version and try to build it yourself...

>     apt-get build-dep squid3 && apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev

...unfortunately using the Debian commands to build from a source package, 
which you did not download (the Debian source package is not the same as the 
Squid tarball).

You then proceed to do the standard ./configure && make && make install for 
installation from a tarball.

I wouldn't like to guess what sort of state any installed Squid is in after 
doing this bizarre combination.

I recommend installing the Debian binary package, *or* install the Debian 
source package and build from that, *or* download the source tarball and build 
that.  Do not combine these.



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