[squid-users] mangle ranges using ICAP

Alfredo Rezinovsky alfrenovsky at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 22:05:05 UTC 2016

Let say a client asks for a URL using a range: 0-256000.

I want squid to ask just for 10.000 bytes and answer as if the request was
server side aborted.

I can change the request Range: "bytes=0-256000" to "bytes=0-10000" with
and icap server

In the answer I'm trying to change the Content-Range from "0-10000/total"
to "0-256000/total" and Content-Length from "10001" to "256001" squid won't
hung up and the client will stay waiting after the first 10001 bytes.

There's a way to make squid send what it gets from the icap and then drop
the TCP connection as in a server side aborted connection?

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