[squid-users] HTTP performance hit with Squid

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Fri Oct 23 08:05:31 UTC 2015

>On 23/10/15 07:47, SaRaVanAn wrote:
>> There is always a ~2 second delay between the request coming to our
>> system and going out of Squid. Suppose if a page has lot of embedded
>> URL's it's taking more time with squid in place.Suppose If I disable
>> squid the page loads very fast in client browser.

On 23.10.15 08:23, Jason Haar wrote:
>Could that be DNS? Is the server configured to use valid DNS servers?
>Check each of them yourself to see what their response times are like, eg
>time nslookup some.valid.site.that.isn't.in.cache
>maybe you'll see 2sec show up on one of them...

I also guess it's the DNS.
Check what /etc/resolv.conf points to and if all servers there are alive.
Even better, I would run bind or other resolving server locally and point
resolv.conf to

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