[squid-users] HTTP performance hit with Squid

Jason Haar Jason_Haar at trimble.com
Thu Oct 22 19:23:51 UTC 2015

On 23/10/15 07:47, SaRaVanAn wrote:
> There is always a ~2 second delay between the request coming to our
> system and going out of Squid. Suppose if a page has lot of embedded
> URL's it's taking more time with squid in place.Suppose If I disable
> squid the page loads very fast in client browser.
Could that be DNS? Is the server configured to use valid DNS servers?
Check each of them yourself to see what their response times are like, eg

time nslookup some.valid.site.that.isn't.in.cache

maybe you'll see 2sec show up on one of them...


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