[squid-users] got http2?

xen at dds.nl xen at dds.nl
Mon Oct 12 21:29:57 UTC 2015

"Linda A. Walsh" <squid-user at tlinx.org> schreef:

> Enough to verify what I am saying, usually, but I have expert  
> knowledge in almost no field that I know of.

Doesn't matter. All that matters is where you want to go and what you  
need for that.

>> I have this feeling that I like SPDY better than HTTP2? Anyone agree?
> ---
> 	You might want to read just 2 pages:
> http://http2.github.io/ (very short, but good for the links)
>  and
> http://http2.github.io/faq/

I read them before saying that ;-). Just a hunch.

> In February 2015, Google announced its plans to remove
>  support for SPDY in favor of HTTP/2.

Like, usually I know very little about the things I am forming an  
opinion about. I have only little time and energy. So I need to devise  
my path based on instinct and intuition.

>     o  is binary, instead of textual
>     o  is fully multiplexed, instead of ordered and blocking
>     o  can therefore use one connection for parallelism
>     o  uses header compression to reduce overhead
>     o  allows servers to “push” responses proactively into client caches

Yes yes, I read it. Thank you *honey*.

> My biggest annoyance is the SSL/TLS everywhere... because I want to see
> what is coming from where and possibly be able to block it -- which  
> is *EXACTLY* why web-content owners/presenters are wanting it -- to  
> remove
> avenues of control and introspection into their processes.

They are using it as a mechanism to get more control away from users.  
Encryption doesn't have that much benefit and particularly the man in  
the middle thing is vastly exaggerated. The bible mentioned somewhere  
that there would be a sign or number and only those with the sign or  
number would be allowed to do business.

Of course this is simply locking down of control so everyone complies  
with your wishes. This is why the positions of the browser makers are  
so un-negotiable. It's the same thing as that Windows 10 supposedly  
scanning for pirated software and constantly complaining about  
unsigned software (even .mp4s)!!. I get this freaking unsigned warning  
at least 10 times a day. Haven't figured out how to turn it off yet.  
You should see what goes on in a courtroom. How people who are accused  
are not given the light of day to say anything.

People are very afraid. They are afraid of what is to come, and they  
are also afraid of those who would change it.

And they are trying to protect themselves and their families by  
destroying anything that could oppose them. And what they oppose,  
grows stronger, and they are creating a monster.

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