[squid-users] SSL Bump and error 14090086

Job Job at colliniconsulting.it
Thu Oct 8 13:43:19 UTC 2015


i have only this problem actually, finally interception works.

But in logs, when i access a Https website, i see:

fwdNegotiateSSL: Error negotiating SSL connection on FD 14: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed (1/-1/0)

WARNING: ssl_crtd #Hlpr0 exited
2015/10/08 15:42:53 kid1| Too few ssl_crtd processes are running (need 5/100)
2015/10/08 15:42:53 kid1| Starting new helpers
2015/10/08 15:42:53 kid1| helperOpenServers: Starting 5/100 'ssl_crtd' processes
2015/10/08 15:42:53 kid1| "ssl_crtd" helper returned <NULL> reply.

Grateful for any helps!


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