[squid-users] Access denied errors with many users

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Wed Oct 7 11:47:36 UTC 2015

Hey Robert,

If you have an access_denied then something should show up in the 
It is pretty hard to tell from what it comes if the settings are unknown.
If you have about 900 users and it's static then using using conf files 
is fine.
But it it's a dynamic application, you should consider to use an 
external_acl helper which will test the src IP against some key\value DB.
It will remove the complexity of squid configuration and will allow you 
a more flexible solution.

Usually the way to solve this kind of issue is to use squid debug 
Section 28 should shed some light on the issue.


On 07/10/2015 14:20, Robert Conlustro wrote:
> I have been using squid 3.4 for about 1 year now and everything was going fine up until a couple days ago when users started seeing access denied errors for some reason. I currently have around 900 active users all with their own src authentication IPs. I use a seperate folder for the users files and include them into the squid.conf file. Is there a maximum number of src IPs or include files inside the squid.conf? Maybe I have reached a limit somehwere. In the past I’ve had a hiccup here and there and always found the error or problem plain as could be in the cache.log but this time I cannot find the error. I’m stumped and turning to the community for the first time. Any help or recommendations would be greatly apreciated.

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