[squid-users] Access denied errors with many users

Robert Conlustro conlustro at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 11:20:38 UTC 2015

I have been using squid 3.4 for about 1 year now and everything was going fine up until a couple days ago when users started seeing access denied errors for some reason. I currently have around 900 active users all with their own src authentication IPs. I use a seperate folder for the users files and include them into the squid.conf file. Is there a maximum number of src IPs or include files inside the squid.conf? Maybe I have reached a limit somehwere. In the past I’ve had a hiccup here and there and always found the error or problem plain as could be in the cache.log but this time I cannot find the error. I’m stumped and turning to the community for the first time. Any help or recommendations would be greatly apreciated.
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