[squid-users] Store-ID documentation could be a little clearer.

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Thank you for your replies.  I spent a long time typeing this and I would be
grateful if you can read it all at least twice slowly before sending a

A reminder... Give yourself a smug smile if you find a spelling mistake, my
screen reader is used to my Typonese and my seeing eye dog can't proof read.  

Yes, I am almost blind but not daft... 

I also said 

I am not trying to pick any holes... You both are far cleverer than me. Vi
is rocket science, Nano is my friend. I am trying to establish some facts to
make an accurate bit of documentation... I want to do something to pay back
many peoples efforts.

Anyway, E (Sorry I cant type the rest of your name forgive me), I looked at
your article you found on google. I prefer the man pages first then the
programs web pages and documentation. Bear in mind I use a screen reader and
it takes ages to listen to stuff.

I would like to create a working example so I intend to use the sourceforge
example in the database. Id pick something that is reproduceable from
Sourceforge to help the new user check the database and script are working.

Amos, I am not being critical, one article you gave me said database entries
are separated by whitespace, the man page says:

 so I went with the man page.

Now I know configuration files can be anywhere depending on what you are
running, windoze or Linux or coal fired abacus.  The thing is it would not
matter where the files are if we know the filenames and give an example on
how to find them eg:  in windows or  in Linux.

So the outline of my bit of documentation would be along the lines of (it is
not set in stone just something I cobbled up on my brailler) 

You want to use StoreID. 
OK you will need a few things like Squid, perl the rewrite script, and a
database file and an entry in the squid.conf file. 
You can find the rewrite script by doing ...... command on linux or .... on
Windows (or .... on another OS if somebody has the command to tell me.) 
You need to create a database file called .... and put (sourceforge example
in it) and save the file to ..... on Linux or ..... on windows. 
Make sure the entries on the database are sepearated by a .....
When you have done this you can type ...........(example command to test the
script) in Linux or ............... in Windows to test your database works. 
If you see ERR then something is not right. 
If you see ............... congratulations. 
You MAY have to tell squid set up the cache direcories if you have not done
it already with .... and then start Squid with ................ (give
examples like init.d or sysctrl etc for fedora ubuntu and other popular
linuxes windows abacus etc...) 
Now go to your web browser and set up the proxy settings to the ip address
of your squid server and the correct port. 
Try the ........(example) in your web browser to see if the page arrives and
check the ... log file to see it was dealt with correctly (miss 1st time
then, hit after a few retries) linux cat ...log | grep .... or windows use

I can polish the documentation once WE CAN WORK TOGETHER to get the
information correct. Please give me a chance to put something back I dont
want any credit and you can licence it any way you wish.

Best wishes,

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